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Your source for information, solutions and products to help with all potty problems in children from potty training to bedwetting, and everything in between. PottyMD is the only physician-based resource for parents, physicians, and families.

Potty Monkey

Potty Monkey

The Potty Monkey Includes:
·  Potty Monkey
·  Flushing toilet
·  Monkey Learns to Potty board book
·  The Potty Trainer parent book




WobL Vibrating Watch

WobL Vibrating Watch

WobL Watch manufactured by PottyMD is the smallest vibrating and alarm watch in the world. WobL watch offers 8 alarms and a countdown and repeat ...



Green Wet-Stop3 Alarm

Green Wet-Stop3 Alarm

Now available in 3 colors

The Clinical Recommendation for Bedwetting, The Wet-Stop3, also
FREE with purchase “The Complete Bedwetting Book” on Compact Disc in English and Spanish and also includes:

  • One year manufacturer’s warranty


Green Achiever

PottyMD is the only physician-based resource for parents, physicians, and families with concerns about all aspects of urinary and bowel problems in children. We provide education and products for those caring for children with potty problems. PottyMD provides help with toilet training, potty problems after training, bedwetting, and constipation. Our PottyMD team is committed to providing the most comprehensive, practical, and affordable assistance that is currently available. We want results.

My son has been using this little device for almost 3 months and I want to tell you that there has not been a single bed wetting accident since he got it. This thing really works and it has paid for itself in laundry. We were having to go to the basement everyday to wash and the time this has saved is more than worth the money. I tell everyone that this is no joke and works like it says. Thanks for the "Little Green Beeper" as my son calls it.
James S., Colorado

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Testimonial by: Duane & Colleen Stanton
Thanks to your company and the great pediatrician who recommended WET-STOP, our son has kept dry...he has been able to attend sleep-overs without his pull-ups (boy, you can imagine how happy he is about ...
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